Data Management Services

If you remember one thing from visiting this site about the digital age, remember this:
Everything in our lives, it seems, is now being stored digitally.

Think about this.

  • Do you now keep boxes full of photos or carry actual photos in your wallet or purse?
  • Do you now keep extensive boxes (file cabinets for you pros) full of all your bank statements, tax papers, and receipts?
  • Do you even use the phone book any more?

The move to digital storage with computer access has changed the way we do things. Arguments aside about this being better or worse; the facts to face are that it's the way things are going, and that we must adapt to accommodate these changes.

The first rule of data storage is and always has been: Backup, backup, backup. Imagine losing your digital photos, your presentations, AND your digital financial documents. All of this information is contained on a device in your PC or laptop called a "Hard Disc Drive" or "HDD." Most modern HDDs found in computers contain moving parts with extremely precise working tolerances. Because of this, it is the single most likely component to fail in your computer. Having copies of your data on two or more devices or storage media dramatically reduces the chance of data loss. This effect can further be enhanced by keeping these copies in two or more separate locations using removable media such as CDs and DVDs.

  CCS would like to be your premier data management provider. Below are services designed to fit any of your data management needs. If you do not see a service that appears to fit your needs please contact CCS and ask for assistance.

Data Backed-up to Optical Disc

A CCS technician will copy your data to a CD, DVD, or Dual Layer DVD and verify that the data has arrived safely and completely.

  • Up to 700MB of data can be copied to each CD*
  • Up to 4,700MB of data can be copied to each DVD*
  • Up to 8,500MB of data can be copied to each DL-DVD*

Price: $19.99 per disc

Onsite Available.**

*Please note that some optical media may be unreadable by your current hardware. Consider upgrading your ROM Drive, or backing up your data to an optical media format compatible with your PC.

**On-site services generally only carry an additional $50.00 fee instead of our hourly rates for general onsite labor.

Data Shredding

When a PC is given away, sold, or discarded the data contained on its HDD remains intact. Even if a user deletes important/sensitive data files, they are often easily retrieved using data retrieval tools. To protect individuals and businesses from allowing important/sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands, CCS has created a service specifically designed to securely delete and obscure data bits written to a HDD.  The basic premise of data shredding is to not only delete a file(s) location record from the FAT table (which is what happens when a user deletes a file), but to also write over the sectors on a HDD where the actual data bits reside.  The methods used to do this are government grade and are used by the US Department of Defense.

A CCS technician will remove the hard disc drive (HDD) from your computer and connect it to one of our dedicated data management servers.  After several minutes to several hours have passed your data will have been completely and securely erased from your HDD.  The HDD is then reinstalled.  It must be noted that if the entire system HDD is selected for data shredding the PC will no longer contain its operating system, programs/applications, or your data files.  The PC will require these things be reinstalled before it will return to a working condition.

Price: $29.99 per HDD or $19.99 per 1GB of shredded data files.*

Onsite Available.**

*This service can only be performed on fully functioning HDDs. Non functioning HDDs cannot perform the necessary tasks involved with this service

**Because data shredding is often a time consuming operation, this service is only available On-site at our hourly rate.

Data Backed-up to Hard Disc Drive

A CCS technician will install an additional hard disc drive (HDD) on your computer and use a backup utility to backup your data to the new HDD.

  • Installation of an internal or external HDD and one time data backup

Price: $39.99*

  • Have CCS configure a scheduled automatic data backup to your new HDD

Price: $29.99

Onsite Available.**

*To qualify for our $39.99 rate a compatible HDD must be used or purchased through C.C.S.

**On-site services generally only carry an additional $50.00 fee instead of our hourly rates for general onsite labor.

Data Recovery and Advanced Data Recovery

HDDs are generally more robust than they ever have been. Very old hard drives (a few years before the turn of the century) often stopped functioning abruptly, giving no signs of impending failure. Current HDDs often give warning signs of impending failure. If you begin hearing abnormal noises coming from your PC or laptop stop using it immediately. Any attempts to recover information (or worse any utilities used by non qualified professionals) will often result in further degradation of your HDD with little or no data recovered.

In many cases, data that has been lost, because of accidental deletion or loss of drive integrity, can be recovered. A CCS technician will employ several techniques to recover your data.

Complete data recovery can never be guaranteed. Upon request, CCS will perform a preliminary diagnostic to determine whether any data can be recovered free of charge.

Price: $59.99 per HDD partition.

If your HDD has suffered extensive physical damage due to fire, water, abuse, or if you have waited too long to address the signs of a HDD failure it is unlikely that CCS (or any general computer repair company) can retrieve your data. However, all is not lost! CCS has affiliation with world leading data recovery specialists.

Price (Advanced): All cases are different. The fastest way to get started is to contact a CCS representative.