On-Site Service Call

  CCS wants to provide the most painless, fast, and easily accessible service available. To facilitate this, CCS provides many of our in-store services as an on-site service. Our qualified service technicians offer support for most of your computer, network, and data needs at your home or business. This means all you have to do is contact CCS and make an appointment to receive our quality support.  On-site service outside of the specified on-site services is provided at an hourly rate.

Retrieval and Delivery

In cases, where service must be performed in-store or upon a customer's request CCS provides a courier service for a one time fee.

A CCS technician to securely transport all computing devices requiring service from your location to a CCS location. Upon service completion a CCS technician will securely transport all serviced computing devices back to your location.

Price: $20.00

* This is a one time fee covering both the pickup and dropoff of all computing devices required for servicing. It does not cover any fees for services performed on-site or in-store.
Note: Some CCS locations are courier service accessible only and do not facilitate customer pickup and dropoff.

On-Site Services

Many of our services are available on-site. Any service listed as "On-Site available" is performed on-site for an additional charge. If additional service becomes a requirement of our customers while on call our hourly rate will apply.

On-Site Data Services

Backup your data with minimal frustration. We'll come your site and backup your data. Data can also be stored off-site at our facility protecting your valuable data from natural disaster, theft, or hardware failure.

Data Management Services

Price: In Store Service Cost + $50.00

On-Site Security and Performance

Rest easy as a CCS technician tunes up and cleans out your computer in the convenience of your home or office. This service is designed to speed up your computer and remove malware from your computer.  A CCS technician will perform a check list of tune up techniques and conduct a malware scan. Identified malware will be quarantined or removed if possible.

Security and Performance

Price: In Store Service Cost + $50.00

Networking and Wireless Solutions

Home networking allows you to share files, share printers, and share internet access. CCS technicians will come to your home or office to configure your network, your PCs, and secure your wireless. Wireless network installation is available.

Networking and Wireless Solutions

Price: Sold as a Package.

Hourly Residential On-Site Service

Most customers qualify for our residential hourly rate even if the services are performed at a business location. The services that do not qualify for the residential rate include but are not limited to the services listed below.

  • Support for Server/Client networking.
  • Data management that includes RAID configurations or distributing backups across an IP network.
  • Website design, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
  • Complex networking that includes more than one router and/or more than 5 network hosts.

Price: $65.00 per hour

Hourly Commercial On-Site Service

  CCS provides support for the unique requirements of most small businesses. Generally this includes:

  • Limited point of sales support.
  • Windows Server support.
  • Exchange email support.
  • Self managed website troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Large/complex network support.
  • Asterisk PBX support.
  • Data management that includes RAID configurations or distributing backups across an IP network.

Price: $95.00 per hour