Security and Performance

Computer security is a major concern, and with good reason. CCS offers two services whose first goal is to secure a computer from possible existing conditions as well as from outside entities. Secondly these services are designed to increase the responsiveness and enhance the day-to-day operation of a computer.

Basic Security and Performance Service


  • Microsoft Update
  • Anti-virus Update or Anti-virus Installation*
  • System Tune-Up

The Basic Security and Performance Service is a preventative service not a disaster recovery service. The Basic Security and Performance Service is designed to enhance a computer's resistance to internet born vulnerabilities and increase its responsiveness.  Technicians will install the latest Microsoft updates, update virus definitions/Install basic anti-virus software, perform a virus scan, and apply performance enhancing techniques to your computer. Microsoft updates include security and content updates for Windows, Office, Outlook Spam Filters, and more. Using anti-malware software, we scan your entire computer for viruses, adware, spyware, and other malicious programs. Any detected malicious programs will be flagged, quarantined, or completely removed. Finally, CCS technicians will perform over ten different enhancement protocols to ensure your computer always performs as it should.

Price: $49.99


Onsite Available

* This service does not include manual removal of malware. CCS only supports AVG Anti-Virus for installation and virus removal.

Advanced Security and Performance Service


  • Microsoft Update
  • Anti-virus Update/Scan/Removal*
  • Tune-Up+ (Adds Program Start-Up Disable)

The Advanced Security and Performance Service includes the services provided by the Standard Security and Performance Service. Additionally, advanced diagnostics are performed to remove stubborn malicious programs.  Nonstandard programs that start with Windows are disabled to further enhance system performance, and free up precious computer resources. This gives your applications/programs more room to breathe and allows a computer to perform at its best.

Price: $99.99

* Only applies to malware that can be removed using existing removal utilities. If the malware must be removed by hand or cannot be removed, alternate options are available.